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Of all the many and varied building aids available to the average home builder which would you consider the best?

I would forward the humble clothes peg. The ones that I use are the cheap wooden pegs available from any supermarket. They can be used as they come, however a few simple modifications can be made to fully utilize them.

The first modification is to cut of the ends of the peg at a 45 degree angle, third from the left. This will allow the peg to grip quite small and fine objects. Of course the jaws of the peg will open at an angle, should you require a larger jaw opening you can cut some material from the inside of the jaws, first left. In a similar fashion should you need a very large jaw opening you can glue two pegs together as seen in the picture second from the left. A quick modification to increase the grip of the peg can be made by simply wrapping a small elastic band as seen on the right in the picture.


Some of the simple uses of the pegs can be seen here. In glass clothing various model assemblies the cloth can be reluctant to hold position particularly around small radius like leading ledges. Here you can see that the weight of the pegs is sufficient to hold the cloth in position. Holding small or rounded objects in order to drill or shape can be assisted by using a peg as a custom made set of vice jaws. You can of course drill larger holes to suit the size of the object being held.


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