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Ninety Nine Acre Wood Gliding Club: what’s in the name?

Well, it is fairly simply really.

Whilst Neil and I take the skill of building and flying model aircraft seriously, there has to be a humorous and lighter side to everything. A scale aircraft especially, needs a pilot to make them look more authentic, however, proper scale pilots cost a fortune and with our models being stand-off scale, and to have a little fun thrown into the mix which also presents somewhat of a talking point at the flying site, we do something a little different.

Indeed, a little while ago whilst I was flying my 1/5 scale Pilatus B4 from Jeffery Hill in Lancashire with a number of Para glider pilots watching - the conditions were not so good for them, on landing (and a really good landing it was) one of the para glider fraternity shouted,

“ Hey look, it’s got a donkey in it”.

Well folks, that donkey is no other than Eeyore, who in real life, just happens to live in the Hundred Acre Wood as one of Pooh Bear’s gang. Can you see where this is going? Our other models have similar cartoon characters or soft toys as pilots. Kids and adults alike, as we do, find it a source of amusement to find a familiar character sat in a model that they have been watching cruise around the skies.

One could say that we’ve got one wood short of a full one….. in fact those that know us, reckon that’s true. So the name Ninety Nine Acre Wood –Gliding Club, a name agreed over a few beers and merry cheer, one Christmas, if I remember correctly, seems to have stuck.

Most of our pilots have been reborn from a previous life; their first life, presumably loved and cared for by some lovely young child, but then later discarded to find its way to the charity shop. This is where we find most of our squadron aircrew, a motley crew of eager toys wanting to start a new life. Postman pat for example, was watching the street from an upstairs window of a charity shop in Buxton, Derbyshire. On passing, my good lady wife said "we are being watched", a few kind words and a exchange of a Queens shilling (£2, Inflation!) with a few funny looks form the volunteer shop attendants, Pat had joined the team. After the journey home, and before the day was through, Pat had had a bath, put on a strict diet, given a new beanie hat, and he is now once again, smiling.


Goofy, again was picked up from a charity shop in Lytham, Lancs. Not knowing what flying machine to initially put him in, he sat in the workshop eagerly awaiting his new chariot. It wasn't long before I had the idea of an RC para glider. This would get the boys talking on the hill. I don't think that Goofy was too keen on where I Initially put the 2 Large Servos to control the sail, but he kept a stiff upper lip and continued to smile.


Well, the major surgery didn't start too well and I eventually put goofy back together and sat him in a gondola instead, which is where the servos finally came to be placed. You could almost hear Goofy's sigh of relief on this change of configuration and really, he seems no worse for wear. Although he still has the challenge of learning to fly his machine more in keeping with para glider rather than a parachute.

So to all those young people out there that have lost or given up their favourite toys, fear not, some are enjoying life to the full and they are once again, loved!


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