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Dude Dude - a new concept Flying Wing with a view to flying on the dark side.
Genesis II Genesis II-CW's Blog - Trials and Tribulations from Drawing to first flights .. and more
SmArt SmArt Glider- A one-off moulded compact aerobatic model using damaged Blaster wings
Midge A fast slope sport aerobatic model that captures the fun and agility of the SmArt- Midge Community photos and a New Model.. updates with something special..
JART 60" Aerobatic model for BIG Air.
Volitan All new flying wing - Lost foam epoxy glass fuselage and foam wing....
Evolan A Concept Design to Moulded model - Development of a flying wing .... Prototypes 1&2 flown - moulds now being made
Project X Concept delta foam wing to fully moulded model - The journey begins.....
X1 & X2 The New mini wing - a real Pocket Rocket and a project to fully mould X1 and the fully moulded X2 have now flown now with video........

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