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Dude Genesis II SmArt Midge Jart Volitan Evolan Project X X1 & X2 Gnott


Dude Dude - a new concept Flying Wing with a view to flying on the dark side.
Genesis II Genesis II-CW's Blog - Trials and Tribulations from Drawing to first flights ..
SmArt SmArt Glider- A one-off moulded compact aerobatic model using damaged Blaster wings
Midge A fast slope sport aerobatic model that captures the fun and agility of the SmArt- Midge Community photos and a New Model..
JART 60" Aerobatic model for BIG Air.
Volitan All new flying wing - Lost foam epoxy glass fuselage and foam wing....
Evolan A Concept Design to Moulded model - Development of a flying wing ....
Project X Concept delta foam wing to fully moulded model - The journey begins.....
X1 & X2 The New mini wing - a real Pocket Rocket and a project to fully mould X1 and the fully moulded X2 have now flown now with video........
GNOTT An old magazine free plan model but one to turn heads and have lots of fun
WOTZAT A new challenge and a new pocket rocket that's a dream to fly, and now the XL version....

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