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Lancashire Hills, Long Mynd-ShropshireRoundway-DevizesWhite Horse - WestburyRhossili-S Wales


Lancashire Hills

ParlickBeacon Fell Longridge, Bull PotPendle HillRivington Pike & Winter Hill
Parlick:    Suitable for NW-ENE winds. (Os map 102)

Sometimes called Parlick Pike, it is situated approx 10 miles N.E of Preston. Nearest Village is Chipping, Parlick covers the majority of local prominent wind directions. NW through S to NE, almost 270 Degrees of good lift conditions.

W - NW site;  GR SD5937 4500 - take diagonal footpath to left shortly after leaving top of steep cobbled slope after Fell Foot. follow the upward spiralling footpath about 500m to the kissing gate. The site is a short distance along the path after the gate situated  behind the stone wall. (for more info - see below: )


SW - SE site;  -along path from GR SD5937 4475 to SD 5980 4500.


SE - ENE site;  - GR SD 6000 4500.  commonly known as the bomb hole, due terrain.   Turn right at Fell Foot & take path, not shown on OS maps - in NE direction.  After about 300m take feint track to left rising steeper & eventually arriving at bomb hole.


Fairly strenuous walk to sites.  Excellent Lift, Landings can be difficult with models over 3m due to slope of fell.  Usually good smooth lift on all faces.


Parlick is shared with full size gliders & paragliders.  There is also an unofficial group of model fliers - The Parlick Soarers - who have flown there for decades & tend to fly Wednesdays.


Route 1 (A6 from Preston) (Map - Red route)

Heading North on the A6 from Preston, turn right at the Broughton traffic lights towards Longridge. Take a left after 1mile and head through Inglewhite. continue past Barns Fold reservoirs & continue in a NE direction passing the Gliding club on the left & generally heading towards Chipping. The road to Fell Foot is to the left about 1ml.after the Gliding club. 

Route 2 (A6 from Lancaster) (Map - Yellow route)
Heading South on the A6 at Bilsborrow just south of Garstang , at the Roebuck inn, turn left (East) on to Bilsborrow Lane. Follow the signs to beacon fell but go past this and pick up the signs for Chipping. The road twists and turn but you will see the impressive hills of Fair Snape Fell (on the left) joined to Parlick on the right. The road takes you particularly close to Parlick and just as the road veers sharp right (south) (towards the gliding club and Chipping beyond) at this junction there is a road on the left (straight on – designated a “quiet lane”) take this road, which keeps Parlick on your left. At the end of this road you will find the access road to Parlick (Fell Foot).

Park in the parking bays up the access road to fell foot or at the junction at the bottom. .GR 60004437.  

Walk up the access road to Fell Foot cottage where there is a large gate. It is worth reading the notice board just inside the gate. (a few do's and Don'ts)

This is where you may think that you want to go home – the thought of climbing straight up to the top hill from here puts a lot of people off. However, model flying is generally not done from the top and depending on the direction of the wind then the walk may not be quite as bad as you think to the areas where modellers gather.

The predominant wind direction is Westerly, this allows for an easier approach to the hill. At the top of the initial steep bank/ cobbled path the path goes straight up from just inside the gate, the path forks (straight up for the S, SE slope or you can take the left fork and progress up the hill in a steady spiral towards the Westerly slopes.
(for those that think the cobbled path is a little too steep, (it can be when there is ice around) turn right and you will see a more gentle path around the fenced area taking you to the top of the cobbles.)

The SW spiral is a nice walk that takes in the views to the South and West. Longridge to the south, In the distance Winter Hill nr Bolton, Preston SW, Beacon Fell , above which on a good day you can see Mt Snowdon - Wales, Anglesey, Blackpool, Presall and I have even seen the distant outline of the Isle of Man on a really clear day. The larger hill along the ridge to the north is Fair Snape Fell – also a good walk where even better views await. The sunset from Parlick is particularly impressive.

Take your time and rest when you need, progress up the well defined path up to the style / gate. Here you will see a stone wall adjacent to the path. 50 yards or so along will bring you to a point where modellers congregate. They can put their models behind the wall, use it to shelter from the wind and there is a steep slope behind you that allows for you to sit and be sheltered from the wind while you are flying.

Some fantastic lift can be found here. Full size gliders, from the gliding club in the valley, can be seen moving up and down in this band of lift to transit to the higher ground, Snape Fell, which is where they do most of their soaring. Also paragliders can, on the warmer more calmer days, climb to great heights. They tend to go further up the hill to launch. For modellers, we can fly in most conditions. Indeed, during the time when the wind is above 10 mph the paragliders are often no where to be seen.

I have flown Parlick in Zero wind conditions with a small lightweight gliders primarily using thermal lift through to a howling gale where you have to sit down otherwise the wind will blow you over. All equally loads of fun, there are just a few slope soaring rules that need to be considered, for that matter where ever you fly.

Generally do not turn in towards the slope, especially if the wind is strong.
do not fly behind you, not even for a landing, if you do turn towards the slope make sure you keep your speed on and turn early. Watch out of others, be it other modellers, full size gliders / paragliders and not to forget the ramblers.


Wikipedia - Parlick




Click on MAP for directions (1.4Mb)




Beacon Fell:    Suitable for SW-NW winds. (OS map 102)

It is with regret that I have to report that flying from Beacon Fell is no longer practicable. This is due to major tree planting activity on the westerly slope. Planting of saplings has taken place on both the field on the left side behind the wall, and now planting has taken place in front of the wall lower down the slope and also around to the NW. There is only a fairly narrow path left without any trees which would make landing somewhat tricky with the chance that the saplings may get damaged.


Suitable for SW-NW winds. (OS map 102)

Beacon Fell is recognised by the fact that most of it is covered in pine trees. There is some open ground on top but the soaring site is the green slope on the western side up to the tree line.


Park 250m past visitor centre in small car park on right, GR SD5625 4285.  Cross road - through gate -


We used to fly from the field immediately on the left through the kissing gate, but this has now been planted with tree saplings.

However if you carry onto the bottom of the track to the next gate into the lower field then you can fly.

Lift can be very good particularly in light winds a distance out from the face. Beware the stone wall at top of slope & tall dense forest behind. not so good for large models in the lower field but if conditions are good with light winds, lift is good.

If wind is blustery and moderate, then beware of the turbulence generated from the trees at the foot of the slope.


This is private, grazing land, but treat it with respect and it is ok to fly there. Often used when Parlick is covered in cloud or for those that do not like to walk too far.


The visitors centre has a cafe, and public toilets.



There are a number of routes to and around Beacon Fell depending the direction you are coming from:


Route 1: (This route is more direct from Preston.) (Map - Red route)

Heading North on the A6, turn right at the Broughton traffic.lights towards Longridge. Take a left after 1mile & head thro. Inglewhite. Thro. Crombleholme fold to join one way system close to Beacon Fell visitor centre. 250m after visitor centre park in small carpark on right.


From the car park you enter the site through a gate & through a kissing gate to the left. The stile is straight on through the first gate in the stone wall & used if you land low.


Route 2: ( From Lancaster) (Map - Yellow route)

Heading South on the A6 from Lancaster, at Bilsborrow just south of Garstang , at the Roebuck inn, turn left (East) on to Bilsborrow Lane  pick up and follow the signs for beacon fell.


Enter Beacon Fell access road and follow the one way road round the back of the hill until you get all the way back to the west to the visitors centre, 250m after visitor centre park in small carpark on right. From the carpark, you will see the a gate  and kissing gate to the left.






Wikipedia - Beacon_Fell_



Longridge Fell: (Jeffrey Hill);   (Map - Green route)

Suitable for N - NNW winds.

Park at GR SD 6400 4012.   Fly at GR SD6440 4040.  


Easy walk from car park - thru gate, followed by gentle incline on well defined path.

Fairly good landing areas - some rocks in heather - good for large models.  Site occasionally shared with para gliders.


As you progress through the Style / Gate from the carpark, some locals prefer to fly on the edge of the green grass meadow to the left. At the bottom Right hand corner of the meadow area, there is a some reed grass and a gulley / peat cutting, great for getting out of the wind. But this a little too close to the road some 50 feet below you at this point. But landing is good on the well trimmed grass. Watch out for the sheep droppings!

For better lift and in my opinion, safer conditions, the slope further along the ridge offers a better option.

From the Gate, follow the path up the slight incline until the path brings you to an old Stone gate post and to the front of the slope. This is where you fly from; short grass, a steep slope that works well from a mainly Northerly wind direction. Landing is also good with fairly flat ground offered on the top. (its ok, you are at the top!)


Head from the A6 at Broughton towards Longridge. At Longridge, do not go into the town centre but continue over the mini roundabout and on until the junction where the main road veers right and down the hill towards Ribchester. (There is a pub on the junction at this point). Turn left here and continue towards the Longridge Golf club. Again the road forks – take the LH fork  -sign posted golf club. Continue past the golf club and you will come to a single large cottage at a “T” junction. Turn right up the hill and you will see a car park on the left. You are there!

What you will now see is Beacon Fell to the NW, the associated range of hill to the north of the Forest of Bowland, Parlick, Snape Fell, Wolf Fell etc. In the distance to the NE, North Yorkshire moors. NW is Beacon Fell.

If the wind changes and offers a direction with anything but a Northerly, then the best way to get to Parlick is via Chipping. From the car park, follow the road all the way down the hill (don’t go back through Longridge) at the T junction at the bottom of the hill, turn left followed by right turn sign posted Chipping. Through chipping and you head towards the hill. You can’t really miss it, although there are a few different routes to actually get to Parlick.



Jeffrey Hill

View from Jeffrey Hill -

Parlick in the distance

Wikipedia - Longridge_Fell


Bull Pot:  Sometimes called Lek Fell, Near Kirkby Lonsdale.  Suitable for W - SE winds.

(Lat 54.212741, Long -2.508211) Park GR SD6430 7925.  


Walk a few metres up hill from car park lay-by & enter gate on right.  Site is a few metres easy walk from gate at GR SD6435 7905.     Usually good lift with good landing areas - suitable for large models.   Lift can be lumpy as wind moves round to east.

Well worth a visit.



Pendle Hill            (Lat  53.843240° Long -2.345080°) (Grid Ref SD771385)

Flying site is primarily the "Nick of Pendle" catering for W to NNW and SSE to SSW


Ribble Valley Model Soaring Association      



Rivington Pike & Winter Hill    


Situated to the NE of Horwich, Nr Bolton, just off the M61. Winter Hill can be seen for miles around as it is the hill with the TV Mast situated on top.


Rivington Soaring Association    fly at three main sites and caters for:


Rivington Pike

(SSE to WSW)

Noon Hill

(WNW to NNW)

Winter Hill

(N to ENE


Rivington - Location


The Long Mynd 

Long Mynd Soaring Association



Head for Church Stretton situated on the A49 approx 10 mile south of Shrewsbury. Turn into the town at the traffic lights, the Spar shop is on the left if you need supplies for the day ahead. Head into the town centre at the Cross roads go straight over and head up the Burway to the top of the Long Mynd.


Be careful going up the Burway, its a single track with passing places, but it does go up the side of the valley and gets quite steep. There is a full size gliding club on the top, and they do take the glider trailers up and down this way.


There are a number flying site at the top. The first is the "Reservoir Slope" (NE) situated on the right of the main track. Shortly followed by "Ashes Hollow" (SE) on the left. Carry on this road heading for the Gliding Club and you will come across a copse of tree on the right and a car park. This is "Pole Cottage" (W), just a short flat walk from the car park.

Other slope are "Ashlet" (E) and "Darnford" (N)


Visit the Long Mynd Soaring Association Website for More Direction


Wikipedia - Church Stretton

Google Map - Church Stretton

Staffordshire - Bordering on the Peak District


Leek & Moorland - Leek & Moorland Model Gliding Association

7 Flying sites around the area




Wiltshire -


Roundway,or Oliver's Hill (Devizes)(S  - W)


Situated just North of Devizes, in Wilstshire.


At the Travel lodge/Subway sandwich shop (SN10 2HL), situated on a junction on the A361 (London Road) North of the Town of Devizes, turn onto Folly road and continue until you reach a junction (no through road) with a red post box and old phone box in the village of Roundway. Turn right and follow road up the hill until the road splits (you will see a white horse carved into the hill on the right. Don't go to the white horse, but turn onto the left hand fork road. Follow this to the top until the tarmac stops, you will see a track running along the ridge to the left. follow this track (Its quite bumpy so take it easy. At the end of the track park your car near the woods. the path is to the right of the woods a level walk for a 100 meters or so and you will emerge at the top of the Roundway.

Roundway Hill


Google Map - Roundway

White Horse (Westbury) (NW - N) (E)


Situated South East of Westbury, From the B3098, Bratton Road (SW Westbury), at the Cross roads of Alfred Street and Newtown, turn onto Newtown and follow Road up the hill. The road bears left on to Long River Road, continue and turn left onto top of hill and the White horse. The extensive carpark is also on the top.

 Range of hills takes a NW round to a N, there is also a gully / bowl that allows for and Easterly wind


51°15′49″N 002°08′49″W


Wikipedia - White Horse


White Horse


Google Map-Westbury White Horse



Crook Peak, West Mendip Hills





Rhossili Down (W)  Worm Head Cliffs  (SW)


Situated on the Gower Peninsula, to the West of Swansea. (Lat 51.56856°N, Long  4.28690°W)


from Swansea Head towards the Mumbles, Turn on to the B4436. turn left on to the A4118 then right onto  B4247 for Rhossili.

these are genreeal direction, please check the map as it is quite a way from Swansea.


At Rhossili, head towards Worm Head and park in the car park, or you can park in the church car park for a gratuity

From here you will see Rhossili Bay and the huge hill overlooking the fantastic beach.


Head up the hill from the church, there is a small plateau half way up. this is where the para glider school launch from. Proceed to the top and the model gliding and para gliding from the Westerly slope nearest to work Head.

Fantastic lift that extends a long way out, with no turbulence and plenty of flat space to land behind, with no hint of turbulence.

A Dream Slope soaring venue as long as you have a Westerly wind.


The cliffs to the south of Worm Head can also be soared with smaller models (SW to WSW). Be careful though as conditions can be turbulent at times.


Situated on the Gower Peninsula, to the West of Swansea.


Wikipedia - Rhossili


Google Map - Rhossili











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