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At least twice a year Neil and I travel the country wide to attend the RAF Model Aircraft Association (RAFMAA) Slope events. Indeed, Neil and I go back to our serving days in the early Eighties when we first met, where we have over the years not only competed in most of the RAFMAA events but also actually run some of the events too as were were both on the RAFMAA committee as competition secretaries and other positions.


However, I would say in the past 10 years or so, whenever we venture up the hills to gather amongst good friend for a few days flying, we always take a packed lunch, more often than not bought from the local shop. One such shop we frequent is the Spar shop in Church Stretton, Shropshire, prior to venturing up on to The Long Mynd. This shop sells "Mrs Crimble's" confectionary; my favourite is the Coconut Macaroons. Over the years I've tucked into these cakes after devouring the usual sandwiches, I could always be found with some of these "Crimbles" in my back pack and just occasionally offered the cakes around.


As of late, any really good flights or test flights have been celebrated with a coffee and a cake, and this point in time has become known as a "Crimble Moment".


In fact, Neil has also become fond of a Crimble or two, we have tried most of the different varieties, Macaroons; plain, some with jam in, some with chocolate covering, even Bakewell tarts... to name a few. and now they do savouries too. My favourite cake though is still the plain coconut Macaroon. At least one of us will have a pack of cakes when we go flying, and they have become a intrinsic item of the weekly shopping list.


Now when we go up the slope, we often celebrate with a "Crimble moment". Indeed, when we are not flying together but one of us has gone up into the hills and had a good flight, we will often text each other, and simply state "A crimble moment" really annoying if one of us is at work whilst the other up a hill being forced fed fresh air and enjoying the wind beneath your wings, but this often results in a few more text messages to find out exactly where flying is taking place and what the weather is like.


So there you have it, A Crimble Moment, a celebration of a good flight.  An appropriate grading of the event in the manner of dining -  Michelin Stars e.g.: a three Crimble moment. Or one could just say they are just nice to have with a coffee anytime, but more often than not, when were flying!




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