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How To:
A collection of Articles to give you an insight into modelling techniques, and also things to make .
Split Rudder Airbrake Split Rudder Airbrake mechanism now fitted to the Midge SR slope model
Vinyl Stickers How to Transfer Vinyl Stickers to your model easily

Vac formed

Servo Covers

Make Your Own Servo Covers

Building Board Make your own Building board
Epoxy Rollers Tiggers' Top Tip - The Epoxy Roller
The Humble Peg Tiggers' Modelling Top Tip - In Praise of the Humble Peg

Model Stand

Phil Morgan's Glider Model Stand

Glider Take-off Dolly

Frame with wheels from which a model can be towed / launched

CNC Foam Cutter What do old computer floppy disk drives and printers have to do with making models?


Vac Bagging Vacuum Bagging Techniques - Not difficult, just different.



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