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Phil Morgan's Model Glider Stand.

Many glider guiders have made model stand that keep the model out of the long grass or off the tarmac during assembly. However, the model stands currently used resemble a trestle with the models just resting on the top. This often stresses the trailing edge of the wing (Flap) and restrict the operation of the model controls.

Phil has come up with a really good idea to get round these few problems.

The stand holds the model between the horizontal foam pads and permits the operation of the control surfaces including the flaps without the need to remove the model. The model wing slides into place leading edge first. The height of the top bar and foam can be modified to accommodate thicker wings if desired.

Details and more photos below:


(Place your mouse cursor over the thumbnail images on the left to see the larger image)



Made from plastic overflow pipe available from most

DIY stores:




6 x "T" Pieces, 8 x Corners.


Plastic Pipe: 2.52 meters 

   2 x 300mm,

   2 x 200mm,

   4 x 150mm,

   2 x 130mm,

   2 x 180mm,

   6 x 50mm.


The length of the Qty 2 x 50mm pipes that act as  spacers between the upper and lower wing seat can be increased or decreased to suit wing depth.


Foam Pipe Lagging:  4 x 170mm, 2 x 30mm











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