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Vinyl Stickers - how to transfer the image to your model easily


Have you ever received a model kit with a Vinyl sticker that you really wanted to use but did not know how to transfer this onto your subject. Maybe resorting to lifting individual letters and shapes and moving them one at a time on to your model, hopefully getting them aligned correctly.

Well, there is an easy way, a technique that will keep the image / letter together in the specified orientation and spacing and allows the transfer of the sticker in one go.

If your provider does not provide you with any transfer tape, then you can utilise wide masking tape to do the job for you. All you have to do is reduce the stickiness of the tape. The following provides 6 easy steps to success.

1. Using transfer tape or reduced sticky masking tape (this can be achieve by dabbing the masking tape with a dry cloth to reduce the stickiness of the tape).

2. Place over the vinyl sticker and rub the tape down onto the actual vinyl image.



3. Gently peel the tape off the backing paper and the vinyl sticker should come off the backing paper with the tape maintaining the correct position relating to other parts of the graphic.

4. Place the transfer tape on to desired position on the model and rub the sticker through the tape pressing the image on to the model. Try not to rub the tape on to the model surface.

5. Gently peel the transfer tape off leaving the sticker behind. I find peeling top right to bottom left works best, but you may have to coerce the smaller type stickers off the tape and to remain on the model.

6. Once the transfer tape has been removed leaving the sticker behind. Gently rub the sticker thoroughly to ensure it is firmly stuck to your model. Thatís it.




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