Warren's Away Day

Early in December 2014, it seemed like an ordinary day, when during the daily stand up meeting at work,  I was again, threatening to befriend someone that had decided to elaborate in detail a current issue which to many, was venturing far too deep into a detailed issue. In essence, venturing down a rabbit warren……..


To clarify, my name is Warren and I am a fluffy toy rabbit who can be awarded to someone who goes into too much detail during the morning meeting. In fact, I am more of a deterrent than punishment.

Sometime after the meeting I was quickly bundled away and spent the rest of the day in a dark area, don't know where and I couldn't see anything. I honestly thought I was being taken hostage, but I didn’t really know what was happening to me. In this case however, I hadn't been awarded to anyone so I hadn't expected to be bundled away. I was quite enjoying  my daily routine sitting and enjoying the company of my colleagues, Spotty Dog (Good show), Camel (Got the Hump) and Monkey (Messing around).


I was eventually taken out of the shoulder bag where I'd spent my day and found myself shoulder to shoulder with Pooh Bear who was kitted out in some sort of flying gear. I'd never met Pooh before but I though he had also been taken hostage, but all was not as it seemed.


It transpires that I had been taken to the HQ of the Ninety Nine Acre Wood Gliding Club (NNAWGC) and found myself in the presence of Eeyore, Goofy, Postman Pat and of course Pooh Bear who said that the name of the organisation had stuck due to its members and the fact that the owners were definitely one wood short of a full one (aka, 100 Acre wood – home of Pooh Bear and friends).

After a lengthy discussion and much merriment with my new friends, I was filled with joy that I was actually being treat to an “Away Day”, my day was getting better. I was shown round the hangar and issued with my very own flying

helmet and goggles. My treat for the day was Genesis II, a 4 metre span scale glider…Wow.


I was allowed to sit in the aircraft, whose normal pilot was actually Postman Pat and who had clocked up a good few hours of air time in Genesis and it was very interesting listening to his story of Genesis and his flying experience, see the Genesis Blog. However, I was rather overwhelmed with what was happening to me that I had to have a little nap in the comfy cockpit of course.

Having received suitable briefings from the crew I was informed that the main treat was to pilot the aircraft the following weekend, but I was not allowed to return home until after the event - more time with my new friends.


Filled with trepidation awaiting the big day, time couldn't pass quick enough. When the scheduled day finally arrived I unfortunately didn’t get to fly due to bad weather – typical! Ah well, never mind, I was, however, promised that as I had been awarded temporary membership of the NNAWGC it may still be possible to fly sometime in the New Year. Until then, I have the memories of what turned out to be a good day with a little concern that nobody really missed me.




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